ShaleshockCNY is part of the greater anti-fracking movement, working toward protecting our communities and environment from exploitative gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale region. It was part of an alliance of community groups which included people who have signed leases, not signed leases, who have been compulsorily integrated, and people who don’t own land.

In Dec. 2014 New York State announced a halt to the permitting process for HVHF (“fracking”), for public health reasons, however there are serious and ongoing issues effecting New Yorkers by the continuing rush toward more and more HVHF in neighboring states and other regions.

This includes the expansion of pipelines, storage caverns, compressor stations, explosive oil trains, and ongoing disposal of tons of toxic waste on New York roads, in landfills and in injection disposal wells.

ShaleshockCNY aims to bring together the variety of people and groups working on these issues so that we can share information and work to protect our communities.